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Pincette Kickoff, July 07-08

Pincette kick-off was held in IBM Research Haifa Labs, Israel, on July 7-8, 2010. The agenda included technical and management discussions as well as general information sharing.

Also, the kick-off agenda included a tour in the IAI facility for producing cameras that are mounted on manless aircrafts (Pincette case study).


From left to right:

Ariav Savir (IAI), Izhak Bogomolni (IAI), Sharon Keidar-Barner (IBM), Daniel Kroening (Oxford), Meirav Carmon (IBM), Leonardo Mariani (UniMiB), Karoliina Salminen (VTT), Bastian Schlich (ABB), Dr. Hana Chockler (IBM), Moran Shochat (IBM), Karine Even (IBM), Thomas Wahl (Oxford), Natasha Sharygina (USI), Roland Weiss (ABB), Giovanni Denaro (UniMiB).

The fun part consisted of watching the semi-finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, although some participants were unhappy with the results of the game.